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Initially there was one Islamic Centre located in Stirling (Bannockburn Road, St Ninians). As the community expanded larger, a new centre was required in order to accommodate due to the large number of Muslims living in Falkirk and surrounding areas.

This led to Falkirk Islamic Centre forming in 1992, providing a unique prayer space for all Muslims and services for non-Muslim and Muslim in the community. Almost 30 years since the establishment of the Falkirk Islamic Centre, it has become a central resource for the community and it’s surrounding areas.



Financial Aid

We are a community that looks after one another. If you are experiencing financial difficulties,

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New Muslim Services

We support the journey of individuals from the stage at which they first come across

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Advice & Counselling

We offer a free counselling service for Muslims and Non-Muslims.If you require any advice or

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The Weekend School of the Islamic Center of Allah is committed to providing quality Islamic Education according to the Quran.

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